The seven trombones of the apocalypse - Santi Miguel

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For 7 trombones: 1 alto (optional tenor), 4 tenors, bass and contrabass (optional bass)

A spectacular and captivating composition.

a note from the composer: "People throughout history have believed the apocalypse is something bad, like the end of the World or the day when “will dissolve the world in ashes” (how the requiem says); but, what’s the meaning of the word apocalypse really? And why people believed this? Apocalypse is a word that comes from the Latin (apokalyptein), and it’s meaning revelation or unveil “apo”=remove, “kalypten”=hide.

Therefore, if we read into well the Bible passages, we realize that when the apocalypse comes, humanity will reach the absolute truth; and this, it’s that The Seven Trombones of the Apocalypse are going to show us."

winner audience award Slide Factory Compostition Battle 2011

watch and listen to a performance by the New Trombone Collective


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