Mantra - Jirayr Shahrimanyan

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For 8 trombones: 6 tenor and 2 bass

Finalist of the Slide Factory Composition Competition 2013

A note from the composer: "As a composer who was born and raised in Armenia, one of the oldest lands in the world and the crossroad of west and east, I always work to synthesize the traditions of old Armenian culture with new technics from the New world. And this piece is not an exception.

The word “Mantra” has many interpretations, in this case this is a kind of collision of two different spheres though in some fragments they are sounding in the same time.

I tried to show musical richness of the instrument (trombone) more than the technical aspects of it.

The medium tempo is harmonical with the sound of it, only the final bars are fast without changing the main tempo."



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