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CD New

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Tracklist cd `new`

Derek Bourgeois

01. Osteoblast

Martijn Padding
02. And trees would sing 

J.P. Sweelincki arr. Steven Verhelst
03. Mein junges Leben hat ein End

Ruud van Eeten
04. Panorama 

Eric Ewazen
A duet for our time 
05. ...of beauty
06. ...of chaos
07. ...of anguish
08. ...of hope

Jacob ter Veldhuis
09. Jesus is coming, for trombone quartet and boombox

Haggart/Burke arr. Enrique Crespo
10. What`s new

Mark Nightingale (also soloist) 
Turning back the clock 
11. Loss
12. Battle
13. Shock and hope